Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors Management Board for the Club
A - Finance & Fundraising Committee Purpose: To Manage the Budgeting, Accounting, and Fund Raising process. Duties: This committee is responsible for the process of Budgeting club expenditures , the management of the Club Accounts and the process of allowing for all Fund Raising to be done correctly, legally and the properly reported of these funds.
A - House & Program Committee General Club & House Budget Management 1. Facilitating club meetings (locations, agendas, speakers & adherence to schedule/agenda) 2. Currently this involved the monthly Board meeting, the monthly Committee meeting and the monthly Dinner meeting. 3. There will be at least 10 Board meeting and Dinner meeting in a Kiwanis Yearly schedule.
A - Marketing and Membership Purpose:To facilitate the general awareness of the club to our community and to facilitate growth and retention of a Kiwanis members in the Club. Duties: to foster aspects of Marketing and Membership to the positive development of the Club Aspects of Marketing • Online: Create content & manage how shared & displayed on website, facebook & linkedin • PR: Create articles/content & reach out to media sources to publish • Interclub: Attend other Kiwanis events & work collaboratively to raise awareness of Kiwanis • Corporate partnerships: Create corporate membership status/strategy & build relationships with local businesses • Partnerships: develop & manage relationships with other charitable/community service organizations for mutual support & membership Aspects of Membership • Growth: Create recruitment plan (referrals, etc) & manage new member introduction process • Police Checks: Ensure all members • Retention: Determine barriers to retention & create retention strategy • Education: Plan & deliver monthly education presentations
A - Outreach Committee Purpose: Manage all of club's community service activities (non administrative): These community service activities include: 1. Community services (local sports, True, etc) 2. SLPs (Key Club, Key Leader) 3. KI Global Campaigns The Committee is also requested to present and an annual budget of requested for funds for current and new outreach projects to board & report on hours/funds spent.
Ad Hoc - Financial Review Committee To do an annual financial review of the Books
Ad Hoc - Governance Committee Manage bylaws & election process for board & foundation
P - Community Sports Project Committee Understand & promote attendance to supported community sports
P - Girl Guides & Scouts Project Committee Create and support creation of Girl Guides program in Thorncliffe Park
P - Key Club Advisors Project Committee Key Club Advisers for Key Clubs supported by the KEY.
P - Key Club District Convention Planning Plan & manage KEY’s financial & physical support of Key Club district convention Recruit volunteers for time slots during convention.
P - Music Festival Project Committee Recruit volunteers for time slots to support music festival events.
P - Salvation Army Broadview Village Annual Barbeque Event Committee Annual Barbeque
P - Salvation Army Broadway Village Christmas Party Committee Hold annual Christmas party for residents of Broadview Village where entertainment, refreshments & gifts are provided.
P - True Davidson Acres Events Committee Annual events