True Davidson Acres Seniors Residence

•Monthly Bingo night
•Annual BBQ

Salvation Army Broadview Village Residence

•Annual BBQ (August)
•Christmas Party

Service Leadership Programs

• Key Clubs
•Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute
•A.Y. Jackson Collegiate Institute
•York Mills Collegiate Institute

The Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto

• February to March of each year
• Opportunity to volunteer at sites

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships


• Patron of organization
• Opportunity to volunteer at events
•The Toronto East General Hospital
•Salvation Army – Broadview Village
•True Davidson Acres
Youth Scholarships at:
•Marc Garneau C.I.
•East York C.I.
•Leaside High School
•AY Jackson
•York Mills CI
•Metro Police 54 Division
•Kiwanis Music Festival
•Kiwanis Foundation of Canada Matching Grant/Assessment
Community Sports Programs
•Leaside Baseball
•East York  Baseball
•East York Soccer Association
•GOGREEN @ Valley Park Middle School