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Most charitable foundations in Canada are listed at CanadaHelps.org, even if the actual foundation owners have never managed the account!

CanadaHelps prides itself on programs to help foundation owners lever their opportunity, see below for links to Webinars, Courses, Contests and How To's.

Below is a little primer on how to make use of the Services that Canadahelps.org provide to the Non-Profit sector in Canada. 

For example: our Kiwanis Club of East York is responsible for and manages the 

This Foundation board is, by our By-Laws and it's By-Laws, made up of members of our club. This information along with other required details if filed with the CRA yearly and published on thieir website.

CanadaHelps provides a public access to charities like our and a variety of services to help promote the particular causes that we support through our Foundation. 

Our section at CanadaHelps.org can found by clicking CanadaHelps.org Portal or the "Donate Now" Button 

For your Refernce: 

Below is some matertial intented to increase the general understanding as to how to best make use of CanadaHelps.orgThe most update information will of course be on the CanadaHelps.org Site.

Building Funds @ CanadaHelps

When you manage your CanadaHelps Account you can setup Funds for specific purposes. You can then place a DONATE Button your Web/Social Media or Emails, that lead directly to that Fund. This ties it directly to a specific Fundraising program you are organizing, promoting and managing.

Funds need to be Current & Relevant 

It is important to keep the funds listed here, relevant to  your actual current fundraising programs or you lose some element of respect from you potential donors. For example; all funds listed could have a page or posting that expands on the elements of that fundraising program. 

Managing your Canada Helps Account

In order to manage your Canadahelp account,  you will need your login name and password. Usually the person who is attached to this account is the Treasurer of  your foundation. This may require a forgot your password process, and it may default to going to that Treasurers Email address. If this has been lost or changed, you may have to call CanadaHelp.org.

Funds need to be Current & Relevant 

About CanadaHelps


Canada’s best destination for donating and fundraising online.

Free all-in-one solution for all your giving needs.

2,544,247  Canadians have donated $1,398,485,734  to Canadian charities using CanadaHelps.

All Kiwanis Clubs with Charitable Foundations are listed with CanadaHelps.org

Webinar | Start Fundraising with Confidence with CanadaHelps

Everything you need to start fundraising online with CanadaHelps.

Whether you want to watch it again, or you missed it live—use the link below to watch the on-demand recording or download the slides.

The presentation covers how to:

•Fundraise online in minutes with Customizable Donation Forms, Ticketed Events, and Peer-to-peer Social Fundraising;

•Leverage all of the must-know tools and functionalities to be agile, flexible, and successful in your fundraising;

•Use donation reports to unlock the data you need to understand and steward your donors, and integrate with your Donor Management and Accounting systems;

•Drive additional donations by optimizing your free charity profile on CanadaHelps.org.

Where does your Donate Now button link to on your website?

Charities that direct to a Customizable Donation Form earn 70% more in donations than those going to their CanadaHelps Profile Page.*

Customizable Donation Forms are the best practice in eCommerce and our data proves it beyond doubt—35% more visitors make a donation! When potential donors click on a Donate Now button, they are ready to donate and should have as few distractions as possible so they can complete their donation quickly.


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