The KcEY Charitable Foundation

Kiwanis Club of East York Charitable Fountdation Or Mail your Donation to: 34 Tufton Crescent  Toronto M4A 2E3 

Update from the Foundation

The new Kiwanis year brings some changes to our Foundation. Linda Keill is retiring from both the Foundation and the Club. Linda has served as Chairperson for several years and is moving on to other pursuits. We thank you Linda, for all your hard work on behalf of the Foundation and wish you the best in the years ahead. David Barker will be the new chair.

Ross Hillis is planning his retirement from the Foundation and the Club at the end of this calendar year. Ross has been the Treasurer for the Foundation for a great number of years and a Kiwanian for 21 years. We thank you for your hard work keeping our Foundation books in order and wish you the best in the years to come.

Ross’s retirement leaves a vacancy on the Foundation Board. In particular, they require someone to be the new Treasurer. In case you were wondering, Leslie cannot be the Treasurer of the Club and of the Foundation. Speak to Sue if you have suggestions.

Back in August, Pat and Ross went to the new location of the Thorncliffe Food bank known as the TNO –The Neighbourhood Organization. They are now located in the

Thorncliffe Plaza on the east side of the building on the ground floor. They were there to present a Donation cheque for the Food bank.

Nosheen and Karma gave Pat and Ross a tour of the new facility. Pat reported that they were very impressed with the spacious accommodations.  The TNO will be better equipped to help support families, students, and others in need of food, health services or education in the trades.

In September, Pat delivered 300 boxes of Pickling Salt to the TNO Food Bank. The salt was provided by David Barker from a customer who did not have the need for that many boxes of salt. The staff was happy to receive these boxes. Nosheen let Pat know that they can “share” with the Flemingdon Food Bank if needed